Leicester Ring cruise ruined

Published: Friday, 23 July 2021

I AM trying to do the Leicester Ring as we speak and now having got down Foxton Locks will have to turn around, writes Dave Carden.

We were queuing for four hours at the top lock on Wednesday morning—the stoppage was posted on Tuesday night but I didn’t look at my phone...

12 CaRT operatives

Not one of the 12 CaRT operatives advised that we could save water by not going down. When I got to the bottom and looked at my phone and saw the stoppage I saw a badge wearer and advised him. He went on to tell the others!

This is poor with three reservoirs drained and we are all suffering and trying to save water.

The most frustrating thing apart from the usual CaRT disorganisation is that Lock 43 has been playing up for a long time and they have been winging it with one paddle—just like Stenson!

Should have listened to Victor!