Narrowboat sales soaring

Published: Monday, 05 July 2021

WITH holidays abroad a dim memory sales of narrowboats are soaring, some selling as soon as they are listed for sale, writes Ian Waters.

Prices are also soaring unfortunately although there still are a few reasonably priced boats about but they are increasingly hard to find.

The dreaded message

I realise that brokerages are keen to demonstrate their prowess at selling but it is increasingly galling to click on advert after advert only to reveal the dreaded messages ‘sold’ or ‘under offer’.

It would help a lot if the major brokerages had an ‘available’ section for those actually looking to buy a boat. I cannot imagine for a moment that a motor dealer would advertise cars that you are unable to buy!

Making it easier

Surely, making it easier to find what is still available would ensure that both the brokerages and the owners would benefit from even more sales?

Frustrated boat searcher.