A six hour navigation day?

Published: Wednesday, 19 May 2021

TIME after time we are now told that something or other is only open six hours a day, so is this the new navigation time? Asks T Lang.

We are now told the Canal & River Trust office at Fradley, now re-named 'welcome station' is only open from 10am to 4pm, following on many other offices, locks, tunnels, etc, so as far as the trust is concerned it seems a six hour day has been brought in.

Very restricted

The problem for boaters is that with such as Harecastle Tunnel now also so restricted it leaves boaters very restricted on a navigation that 'is open to all'—but only for six hours a day!

Lock flights too are also being restricted, so those hoping for a day's cruising on such as the Leeds & Liverpool will be very lucky to achieve such cruising.

Which begs the question—is this to cut down usage to save maintenance?  It would seem very much like it.