Autumn opening for new Avon marina

Published: Wednesday, 28 April 2021

A NEW marina being constructed on the Avon at Stratford will open in the Autumn.

The 250 berth marina is situated near Seven Meadows Road Bridge in Stratford, Roger Fox Reports.

AvonMarina Services

When completed it will have electricity and water to the berths together with a laundry and shower block for its moorers, with Neil Warren of developer Geomac telling Stratford Observer:

“This exclusive leisure boat marina provides customers the chance to moor their boats close to a popular tourist destination whilst providing access to some spectacular cruising routes.

“We are very much looking forward to working alongside the Avon Navigation Trust throughout this project and to develop a close relationship which will see Geomac create a first-class marina in a first-class area.”

Flood safe

The site it is stated is in a flood-safe area of river and is being constructed by Land & Water and administrated by the Avon Navigation Trust it believing there is a demand for this type of facility in the Stratford area.

[It is not known if the drawing is the actual plan or an artist's illustration, but if the former it is obvious the lack of space would not allow for narrowboats to navigate—Editor.]