Lock failure after massive repair programme

Published: Wednesday, 21 April 2021

IT WAS only two years ago that many thousands of pounds were spend on repairs to Sawley No 2 lock, but it did not last very long.

BrokenSawley2Yesterday, Tuesday, a gate on the bottom lock came adrift then being unable to close and so preventing its use. Yet it was only two years ago that this lock became one of those to take advantage of a £1.6 million repair investment.

Rotten timber

The work at the lock included the installation of generators and cranes with many workers, yet just two years later, with coronavirus cutting down usage drastically, as can be seen in the photograph the obviously rotten timber has snapped off, leaving the lock gate at an angle and useless.

Which surely must prompt the question—are the contractors that Canal & River Trust rely on any good?  Surely timber in the condition of that shown should have been noticed and replaced at such a massive repair operation.

The photograph below shows the lock being repaired and some of the extensive equipment used.