Hope for method to allow boat movement at Soot Hill

Published: Wednesday, 07 April 2021

THOUGH the canal embankment slipped stopping navigation at Soot Hill, there has been little progress.

It was way back on the 20th January that constant rain caused the embankment to slip into the Trent & Mersey Canal at Anderton, but the latest notice tells they are still only looking into establishing a method of repair, Keith Gudgin reports.

BartonNorthwichJan2021Allow boat movement

The latest information from Canal & River Trust tells that today, Wednesday, contractors will again be on site at Bridge 200, but only to 'undertake works that will help us to explore ways in which we can safely allow boat movement through the affected area'.

As to the actual work needed to make the embankment safe, once again we get the now all too often message 'our teams continue to explore suitable methods to be able to safely repair the significant slip of material from third party owned land'.

Rochdale still closed

The Rochdale Canal  at Grimshaw Lane Bridge, (75a) is also still closed, our being told that the contractors are in the process of obtaining materials and equipment needed for the repair.

But no intimation when this will be completed.