Saga no longer providing boat insurance

Published: Friday, 02 April 2021

IT IS unfortunately no April Fool joke—Saga has stopped providing boat insurance.

From the 1st April, Saga will no longer insure boats and its existing policies will not be renewed, Rodney Hardwick reports.

Caring for the over 50's

The company that prides itself upon caring for the over 50's no longer seems to if you are a boater using it to insure your boat, with its statement'Unfortunately, Saga is no longer providing boat Insurance for new customers'.

Not only is it not accepting new customers but when its present customers' policies expire they will not be renewed, it stating:

Difficult decision

'We have been offering boat insurance for many years, so the decision to discontinue our provision of this product was an extremely difficult one'.

No reason however was given for this decision, only that all existing policies will continue as normal until their renewal date, after which boaters will have to make other arrangements.