Canal & River Trust launch campaign for volunteers

Published: Friday, 12 March 2021

THERE is little doubt that the incidence of coronavirus has decimated the trust's number of volunteers.

So now it has launched a campaign to attract more as there is the real possibility of boating restrictions being eased, Alan Tilbury reports.

VolunteerLockRelies on volunteers

With the lack of lock keepers and workers the trust relies on volunteers to take on the jobs that those people previous undertook, to keep the navigations operating smoothly.

So with coronavirus restrictions expected to ease over the coming months, it is expecting to see more people taking boating holidays and so is appealing for volunteers to help assist what could be many newcomers to the waterways, with a spokesman for the trust explaining:

Invaluable service

"Lock keepers have been part of waterway life for hundreds of years and today provide an invaluable service in helping boaters through locks, welcoming visitors on the towpath and also lending a hand to the Canal and River Trust staff who look after the canal.

"Volunteer lock keepers work on a shift basis between April and October, while many stay on over the winter months to help the trust with other work", it says.

The trust is also looking for volunteers to help with maintenance and cutting back vegetation, and volunteer rangers whose duties include providing assistance to boaters through locks, supporting the safe operation of the canal and completing small maintenance tasks.