Damage to silted lock gate after attempt to move

Published: Friday, 05 March 2021

THE attempt to move a silted-up gate at Radcliffe Lock has caused damage and it is now out of action.

The lock on the Soar had been closed since Sunday 21st February after it was discovered to be inoperable owing to the build up of silt carried down by the river, Keith Gudgin reports.

Bigger than expected

Though attempts had been made to clear the build-up it was discovered to be a bigger job than expected and it was awaiting the arrival of a dredger to complete the work.

But after being closed to navigation for 11 days, the boaters stuck at the lock attempted to move one of the bottom gates as they had not been chained, and in doing so some way damaged the gate making it inoperable.

The engineers will be back at the site today to assess the situation.  In the meantime the lock is of course still closed.