A more sensible sign

Published: Wednesday, 03 March 2021

INSTEAD of the multitude of signs proclaiming how good it is to be by the water and such like, there is a much more sensible sign that CaRT should use, writes James Henry.

That is the one Victor often gives us of just six words: Your Health—Your SafetyYour responsibility.  There would be much more sense in this and surely would have saved some of the lives of the many people who drown in the waterways.

ManchsterWalkSafely83 drowned

How many in Manchester alone? Manchester Evening News tells there were 83 drownings within six years.

There was a plastic notice, [pictured] from a water safety partnership that alas did not last very long, and as the report goes on to say that two thirds of the deaths were alcohol related, a permanent sign or two with just those six bold words just might make a difference and save lives.

Not 'better by water' for those

But alas CaRT does not want to tell of the dangers, it's 'Making life better by water', is the motto, but hardly for those 83 who are deadin one city alone.