Showing its power of authority

Published: Thursday, 18 February 2021

I WAS flabbergasted to read that CaRT is asking for donations of £1 a month, writes T. Lang.

Especially as this gem of information was contained in an article concerning the wasted replacements of its blue signs, that gives some idea of what it would be spent on.


I well remember in the good old days of British Waterways when there was a purge to get rid of unwanted signs as they littered the waterways countryside. After all, boaters and pedestrians are aware of what is what.

But not now, with the waterways really littered with signs that are totally unecessary and little more than an organisation showing its power of authority.

Getting larger and larger

What makes it worse is that a sign appears, then obviously someone thinks of new wording and that sign is then scrapped and replaced with a larger one.  Yes, we notice they are getting larger and larger littering the countryside.