Wide beam boat on narrow canal problems

Published: Wednesday, 17 February 2021

THERE have been more information concerning that grey wide beam boat on the Oxford Canal.

Wide Beam WilloughbyThe particular grey wide beam which regularly moors along the Oxford sounds like the one I saw trying to penetrate the Southern Oxford, Rodney Hardwick writes.

Fortunately, the cabin was too large to pass the first bridge.  It was then moored for some time between the entrance to Napton Marina and the Junction causing an obstruction. (The photograph by courtesy of Kevin McNiff.)

Became stuck

James Henry too had problems passing it on the narrow canal telling us:

"We had to pull right into the side to get past that particular boat, and being fairly deep draughted became stuck, our having to stand on the opposite side of the bank to attempt to tilt the boat, and even then scraped down its side to get free.

"Aren't those at CaRT sensible enough to know that a narrow canal is for narrow boats, not wide beams, allowing them is ridiculous, British Waterways wouldn't."