Another spate of selling-off?

Published: Friday, 05 February 2021

FOLLOWING the news that Canal & River Trust are selling-off the Stop House come rumours of others being prepared for the chop.

It seems that the trust is now considering selling its various offices around the system, and though nothing is as yet official, inside information points that way. 

Make it most difficult

Such moves will make it most difficult for boaters, particularly continuous cruisers, relying on their facilities

AtherstoneChaos400During its reign the trust has been busy selling-off many things including its equipment, tools and many of its reliable workers  relying instead on un-reliable contractors and suppliers, with all too often the resulting hold-ups getting spares—as shown at the moment on the Weaver.

Kack-handed contractors

And not forgetting the kack-handed contractors who seem to be making a habit of dropping lock gates—and then not being capable of restoring them, leaving boaters stuck for days on end whilst someone capable can be found.

Many of us are asking where will it all end...