Two more electrics control boxes flooded on the Weaver

Published: Wednesday, 03 February 2021

TWO more electric control boxes are out of action on the Weaver, making it four in all!

Dutton Lock is closed due to 'equipment failure' as the recent flood water again swamped electrics with the lock now inoperable, and so is Acton Swing Bridge, though this only for large vessels, Keith Gudgin reports.

Third failure

These make it four such failures on the river as the result of the recent flood.  The first was the flooding of the Anderton Boat Lift controls, then the controls of the Winnington Swing  Bridge and now those of the Dutton Lock and Acton Swing Bridge.

Though Canal & River Trust told of replacements of the earlier failures, there is no intimation of what is happening in the Dutton Lock case though MEICA contractors will be attending the Acton Swing Bridge failure.

Prevent failures occurring

It is now very obvious that these boxes are not up to standard and need to be made watertight to prevent these failures occurring after every flood.


Canal & River Trust tell that its 'engineers are continuing work towards a resolution for the flood damaged pumps at Anderton Boat Lift'.