Shroppie breach was forseen for over a year!

Published: Wednesday, 20 January 2021

STRANGE that no-one has reported on the breach at Bridge 80 on the Shroppie, writes Kevin McNiff.

ShroppieBreachIt is viral on the Audlem Online website and has become a tourist attraction for walkers. 

Leaking over a year

What isn’t so funny is that this breach had been foreseen, a little like many on the waterways and was being monitored! 

The culvert under the cut had been leaking for over a year and the recent heavy rains had washed it away.

Overwater Marina

Given that there is a national lockdown means that nobody is really affected, unless you are the owner of Overwater Marina who stood to lose millions of litres of water if the breach had not been reacted to with speed.

Notice the word react rather than proact.  Just as along the canal two miles west at Hack Green, reports of the damaged cills and water leakage went unattended to, which shows how much our CaRT managers care. 

CoronavirusStall400My good friend and boating buddy Brian Jarrett speaks for most of us when he states 'not fit for purpose'.

A stall for visitors

Shame on CaRT but they won’t give a toss, but locals have set up a coronavirus-secure takeaway stall for the expected visitors!

Our grateful thanks to Audlem Online and Dave Martin for the courtesy of the photographs.