The right time of year for lockdown

Published: Thursday, 31 December 2020

THERE is one thing to be said for lockdown of the waterways, it's the right time of year for it, writes T Lang.

The middle of winter means that we will not have to put up with the hordes of people on the towpaths that Canal & River Trust promoted at the first lockdown in early summer, and that I then wrote, was extremely dangerous.

Busy400Must have spread coronavirus

It was obvious that all those people crowding together (that picture Mr Editor please!) must have spread the coronavirus amongst themselves, but of course there is no way of calculating.  But not only amongst themselves, for as many were attracted to our moored boats and on the hot days many had doors and windows open or else they 'cooked' inside, they were also susceptible to the spreading of the virus.

There's no doubt, though CaRT is silent up to press, it will soon be championing its towpaths.  There is nothing so sure as that.  We can only be thankful it is freezing outside at the moment, so that should keep them away.