Bank now completely washed away

Published: Wednesday, 23 December 2020

THE remains of the bank at the breach on the Aire & Calder has now completely washed away.

Though bags of aggregate were ready to 'plug' the breach by helicopter, bad weather prevented this happening to save the remains of the bank that is shown on the previous photograph, Alan Tilbury reports.

AireLastEntirely washed away

So as can be seen in Phillip Baker's photograph, the entire bank at the breach has been washed away, with water pouring out on to land close to East and West Cowick since Sunday.

The residents, who had to be evacuated from their homes nine months ago due to floods, are extremely worried especially as the rain continues to raise the water from the breach, with them nervously watching in the hope the breach is eventually plugged.

Roads cut off

A great deal of farmland has been flooded by the water from the Aire & Calder and roads cut off, including the A614, with emergency teams on hand to  begin work on a temporary road across farmland to give diggers access to the site in the eventuality that the helicopter is unable to fly.

There has been no further notice from Canal & River Trust other than the notice giving the reason as 'structural failure'.