Breach casts doubts on Ashby restoration

Published: Friday, 04 December 2020

I  TOTALLY agree with Keith Gudgin about the construction of the bank at the breach on the Ashby, writes James Henry.

mon  brec2All too often similar circumstances have occurred on the Mon & Brec, caused by its banks being constructed of sandy soil.  [The canal breached in 2007, 2010 and 2012 the photograph showing the 2012 breach—Editor.]

Expect further breaches

And I should imagine the loose soil and gravel used on the restoration of the Ashby bank is giving similar results, and as Keith mentions, if the rest of the bank is made up the same way we can expect further breaches as this method just is not good enough.

I expect those constructing the bank relied on the piling that was shored up with soil, not expecting water to get underneath, that it obviously did, so draining the canal  after a hole appeared in the bed.  And this casts further doubt on its construction, as why should a hole appear on such a recent restoration?

Will be left to the association

Being where it is on the restored short section at the end, I can't see Canal & River Trust being interested in its repair.  This will be left to the Ashby Canal Association.