CaRT appointed welfare officer after bad publicity

Published: Thursday, 29 October 2020

THROUGHOUT the saga of Tony's Dunkleys boat Halcyon Daze I have been in touch with Sean William's, CaRT Welfare Officer, keeping him in the loop with regard to Tonys' medical condition, writes Pam Pickett.

maggie tentNow if I recollect correctly, CaRT appointed Sean as a Welfare Officer following an incredible amount of bad publicity received after firstly the removal of the lady on NB Midwinter Madrigal on the Macclesfield and then with the further towing away of a boat with a woman suffering from epilepsy on board, also leaving her homeless and in a confused state on the towpath.  (The picture shows the tent that Maggie was condemned to live in when her boat was taken away.)

"CaRT stole my boat. I want it back."

Welfare Officer position created

In short the Welfare Officer position was created by the Trust to keep CaRT out of trouble. I think it was about this time the Trust also changed the title of its enforcement team.

Welfare Officer appointed

Poor Sean, he must have; his hands full dealing with the trust''s legal team for whom it appears welfare counts for nothing! 

Done his best

I do have to say that Sean has done his best for Tony, unfortunately however having given Tony details of emergency accommodation, none of which would take his dog Betsy and suggesting a visit to a pharmacy to collect urgent medication replacing that medication that remains on Tony's boat, he tells me he really wants to help, but that in the reality he can do no more.

Where are council and trustees?

Here I have the million dollar question.  Where the hell are CaRTs council in this eviction and where on earth are the Trustees?

Are they complicit in this sort of action, or are they being overridden?  Answers on a postcard or on whatever CaRT chooses to use, but nonetheless an answer is demanded, soonest.

In conclusion, Tony Dunkley asked to have the matter of the BSS Exemption Certificate referred to the Trusts Appeal Panel, that like the Waterways Ombudsman in its past, appears to be non existent. Furthermore, to expel a myth here, had Tony's boat been found to be non compliant he would of course have paid for any necessary certificate. His honesty at least is not in question.