Two broken paddles close the Oxford

Published: Monday, 12 October 2020

A BROKEN paddle on a Oxford Canal lock was ignored and now the remaining one has broken.

Heyford Common LockThe result of course is that Heyford Common Lock (35) is now unworkable and the navigation closed, the consequence of ignoring a broken paddle but waiting until both are out of action, Keith Gudgin reports.

Easier for Canal & River Trust

This is easier for Canal & River Trust as it can undertake two repairs with one visit, but very inconvenient for boaters who are on a schedule, as many hirers are.

As Keith remarks: 'Can't see both breaking at the same time so if they repaired the first broken paddle when it broke instead of waiting until the second one broke then the lock would still be operable'.


The navigation is now open, but not known if just one or both broken paddles have been repaired as not told.