Rubbish galore in Birmingham

Published: Wednesday, 23 September 2020

THE lesser used Birmingham waterways are becoming strewn with rubbish.

Though the main routes through the city are fairly clear, the lesser used pounds are becoming clogged with rubbish, that is inviting fly tipping.

SohoLoopParticularly bad

Such as the Wyrley & Essington and the pounds around Brownhills with the Soho Loop (pictured) and the Wednesbury Oak Loop particularly bad.

Rubbish is not only strewn along both towpaths and waterways but it is now inviting fly tipping in many areas.

Visits to the weed hatch

The Tame Valley Canal that has always been a problem, we are told now requires constant visits to the weed hatch to keep boats moving.

The Trust and local councils are in communication...