Irresponsible kayak training session

Published: Wednesday, 23 September 2020

I DON'T really have a problem dodging canoes, and rowers react quickly, to a toot on the horn, but we did have a problem on the Thames, writes Stan King.

There , the kayaks weren't out for a leisurely paddle, but an intensive training session accompanied by a coach in a motor boat.

Overtook at speed

The training process was a sprint of perhaps a minute, followed by a rest of a similar time. Trouble was that they all overtook us at speed (including the coach) and then just stopped—no matter that the motor boat and some of the kayaks were only just in front of us.

And surprisingly, they did not react kindly to a warning toot, expecting me to slam into reverse to avoid them.

Seems that 'overtaking boat keeps clear' didn't apply to them.