Lockdown for over 50's would decimate boating

Published: Monday, 03 August 2020

THE plan being put forward by the government to put people over the age of 50 into lockdown to control coronavirus spreading would decimate boating.

There is little doubt that boating on the waterways is undertaken mostly by people over the age of 50, many semi-retired or retired, easily 80% of all boaters, especially with narrowboats, who would fall into this group. That means once again the canals will be deserted except for the younger continuous cruisers and the younger hirers.

Coronavirus rising

But they too will be affected as there is also the threat of more places where coronavirus is now rising being put into lockdown again, that as in the case of Leicester, would close use of the waterways through their regions.

Manchester and thus the Rochdale and the Ashton would be closed as would many places on the Leeds & Liverpool where the virus is rising.  Other area on other waterways are now at risk, with London being threatened, stopping all boat movements on its many waterways.

Great effect

It all seems very bleak indeed with the virus having a great effect on the use of our waterways.