Homeless man pushed into canal

Published: Wednesday, 22 July 2020

A HOMELESS man sleeping by the side of a Birmingham Canal has been pushed into the water by thugs.

He was woken by beer being poured on him by two thugs as they videoed the attack with the empty can then thrown and hitting him, Alan Tilbury reports.

Heard laughing

Then as he struggled to get up he was pushed into the waterway by the two, with the video then showing him in the water and the two heard laughing and asking if he was cold.

Then the two posted the video on social media telling how clever they were. It is not known at which canal this took place, only that it was in Birmingham.

Police aware

The police tell that they are aware of the incident and are attempting to trace the two, with Sergeant Dale Quiney, of Birmingham police, explaining they are aware of footage on social media showing a man being pushed into a canal in Birmingham, and have identified the victim, adding:

“This is a really nasty attack on a vulnerable member of the public and I’d urge anyone who saw what happened, or who knows the names of those involved, to do the right thing and get in touch with us."