Just turn up at the boat lift

Published: Tuesday, 30 June 2020

MY ADVICE to Keith Gudgin is to turn up at the Anderton Boat Lift on spec and demand taking down, writes T. Lang.

I well remember, I believe it was British Waterways, having to stop charging boaters as it was proved to be against the law as Alfred Overton so rightly pointed out.

Part of the waterways

As he clearly stated the lift is part of the waterways and as we pay a licence to use the waterways we obviously cannot be charged twice, and so the charge had to be dropped, so the 'admin fee' was brought in as little short of another ruse by Canal & River Trust to fleece us.

So when the 4th of July comes along roll up at the lift to be taken down, and should they dare refuse point out they are thus acting illegally.  Perhaps calling in the police may wake a few up to the facts.