Thames claims two more victims

Published: Wednesday, 24 June 2020

OF THE six men that visited the Thames at Odney Weir at Cookham for an afternoon by the river, just four returned home.

Men were seen back-flipping off the bridge by the weir on Tuesday afternoon and later people heard the sound of emergency vehicle rushing to the river, to discover one of the men was missing and another having CPR by paramedics, Alan Tilbury reports.

OdneyWeirThamesFailed to resurface

One of the men was in trouble in the water that caused another to jump in to rescue him, but he failed to resurface and could not be located.  People rushed to the scene and pulled out the man who was in difficulties with the emergency services giving CPR in an attempt to revive him.

He was quickly rushed to hospital in 'serious condition', but it is not known if he survived.

Residents in Cookham told that there were 40 vehicles attending including all the emergency services with people in diving gear and boats on the water.


The body of the missing man has now been discovered further downstream.