Living with coronavirus and the future of the waterways

Published: Wednesday, 20 May 2020

IT IS hard to find any good news in living the new normal, writes Stewart Griffin.

Even harder to find good news about Canal & River Trust!  But it appears to be trying hard to reopen the canals and promote canal boat holidays, with its three phased approach.

Future more hopeful

If CaRT can successfully introduce good working practices on social distancing, reopen the canals and allow the holiday companies to restart, the future of our waterways will be a little more hopeful.

In comparison with the Thames run by the Environment Agency, CaRT are way in front.  Although EA boat owners can visit their boats they should not use them even for day trips.  Yet at the same time they are reminding owners to pay the licence fees!

There is growing evidence that the risk of catching the virus outside if you keep two metres away from other people is very remote.  The majority of outside activities have started to reopen on the back of this evidence. 

EA incapable of adapting to the virus

Unfortunately the E.A seem incapable of adapting to the virus.

Quite a few boaters only licence their boats for the summer months and I suspect will not bother this year as the E.A do not appear able or willing to reopen the navigations any time soon.

Stewart and Kerry, Nb Blue Griffin