What sort of condition will the canals be in?

Published: Friday, 15 May 2020

WITH the canals neglected for months what sort of condition will they be in when leisure cruising is eventually resumed?

From the accounts of liveaboard boaters there are half finished repairs and lock gates still waiting to be fitted, as of course the workforce has been severely curtailed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Three remain closed

Added to which three main waterways—the Leeds & Liverpool, Peak Forest and Macclesfield canalsremain closed, with no intimation of their opening and doubts about others.

It is expected that there will be an increase in stoppages after 1st of June when we are told leisure cruising could be resumed, as it was not possible to complete winter stoppages with only the reported skeleton staff and with the waterways unused for so many months it is to be expected the system has deteriorated.

Leakages and silting

Increased leakages will have occurred and silting could also be a problem with no regular boat movements. Even the grass, though not too important, has not been cut.

At least the continuous cruisers will be able to get services once the Trust's offices are all re-opened and get cards and keys, that were impossible for many boaters they being told to order by post—but how could they with no address and post offices closed!  Many have told us this was something else not really thought-out by people who do not understand.

It is now all a matter of 'wait and see'.