It is left to the individual marinas

Published: Tuesday, 12 May 2020

IN ITS wisdom the Canal & River Trust update tells us we can now visit our boats in marinas.

But it is not up to the Trust to decide, it does not own the marinas. It is up to the individual marinas to tell when they decide when it is safe to visit. The marinas closed down by ABC have not given any such permission, as neither have the owners of the BWML marinas, its web site clearly stating yesterday, Monday, that its marinas are closed with a skeleton staff.  Those with shops have neither given notice that their marinas are open, because as yet such shopping is not allowed.

Local car journeys only

The government has decreed that though it is permissible to make car journeys, they must be local, unless they are essential.  Many boat owners reside a great distance from the marinas where moored.  In our own instance we require a M1 motorway journey taking half an hour to reach our own marina, that is definitely not allowed.

Such conflicting advice is helping no one.  Of the many comments we received concerning the updates from the Trust, perhaps one particular one from James Henry tells it all, he referring to them as 'Comic Cuts' with the intended pun!