Victor: CaRT wants boats to remain licenced

Published: Sunday, 26 April 2020

THOUGH as we are all aware, we are forbidden to use our boats on the waterways, Richard Parry, asks that you pay your licence.

Yes my friends you are asked to pay for something that is not being supplied.

Yet the law is very clear about charging for for goods/service/or whatever that is not then supplied.  We are told 'it is vital that all boats remain licensed so that we avoid all the possible legal issues that would arise if boats were out of licence'.  But not what these legal issues are, only that they are possible.

The Trust must realise the legality of the situation as it is extending all licences due to expire at the end of April by one month until the end of May and current licences will be similarly extended by one month.  However boaters are urged to continue to renew licences—it obviously want the cash!

For it tells us it is facing 'significant financial challenges' of its own, and so it is asking boaters—wait for itto perhaps make a donation to the Trust 'to help us offset the lost month’s licence fees we are now facing'! 

So you lot, dig in your pockets to help the Trust, that you know always spends it money so sensibly...

But I really must ask—what as happened to all those millions of pounds obtained from the sale of its many marinas.  Isn't there any left for such an emergency...?

That's certainly right!

At least the Trust lets us know it it realises 'some liveaboard boaters have been unhappy about use of our towpaths'.

Too damn right, it should be, but still maintains its 'considered' view is that it is 'neither practical nor desirable to close towpaths', but telling of the thousands of new signs it has erected stressing that use should be limited and local, consistent with the government’s ‘stay at home’ campaign.  Bit of a contradiction there eh?

But no mention of the social distancing any more—I wonder why?

And yes, we are told that cyclists in particular must not ride too fast or irresponsibly.  Some good that will do, as many of you will remember that our esteemed 'dared' to argue with the chief executive at a Press briefing for allowing those speed trials on our towpaths and the response being 'we will educated them', that did bugger all, and I reckon will now still have the same effect.

Cheeky sods

One thing for sure, our support of the five and a half thousand continuous cruisers stuck on the busy towpaths, that all other publications, as far as I can gather have studiously ignored, has certainly kept us well alive and kicking, whilst other publications have wilted.

One such publication, that I have to admit I had never before heard of, is Afloat something or other and tells it is in 'stormy seas because advertising revenues across the media are falling fast'.  And would you believe wants its readers to 'chip in with a small donation' to support it!

Obviously someone who wants to make money. But my dear lad, this is not a money making business, as people expect internet information to be free.  The outcome of coronavirus has seen a resulting lack of Press Releases that the new internet publications seem to rely on, having no contributors or sources, so  dry-up.  One had its last  update on the 27th March! 

I like it!

I notice our James Henry has been pushing his luck again by having  'a go' at publications claiming they dare not say boo to a goose, so I am picking out an email received, that I reckon sums it up:

Hi Tom, 
I'd just like to add my well-earned praise to all that narrowboatworld has been receiving these last few weeks. The last few week's articles have been a real breath of fresh air amidst all the madness.
Please, keep up the good work!
Andrew B
Very well put Andrew.  Hope I don't get you banned!

Light relief

So let's have a bit of light relief to end with,  and what better than one of CaRT's stoppage notices?

This one concerns the Huddersfield Broad Canal of which we are told navigation is closed at Lock 7 until further notice.

And the reason?  Water resources due to low levels cause by vegetation.  Work that one out!

Victor Swift