The biggest clanger

Published: Friday, 17 April 2020

THERE is little doubt that according to boaters the biggest clanger in the past was getting rid of the lengthsmen, as the comments show:

Seems to me that the biggest clanger the (un)Trust ever made was to get rid of lengthsmen, remarks Arthur Morris.


In these times when the towpaths are such a hazard to many, those lengthsmen would have sorted it all out, that's for sure, such a great pity they were removed, remarks James Henry.

Without trying to upset any one, I feel if we never got rid of lengthsmen we would not now have the problem of now. I remember they were a force not to upset, towpaths and hedges and overhanging trees were dealt with, after 55 years boating I feel times were better then, rejoins Roger Alsop.

In a mess

There is little doubt that CaRT are in a mess, with their wanting to keep them open after flogging them for years, yet are unable to control the crowds flocking to them.  A pity the lengthsmen are not still around as they would have kept some order, adds Helen Cripps.

[Others too have mentioned how lengthsmen would have been practical patrolling the towpaths in these infectious times, but were anonymous.—Editor.]