ABC abandons its boaters

Published: Thursday, 26 March 2020

THE ABC Leisure Group has shut down all its 14 marinas and stoped its services to boaters.

Being told by the company that boasts of 'operating a hire fleet and providing full marina services to canal users' it now provides none, blaming coronavirus.

Laid-off staff

It has laid-off its staff leaving its berth holders, without any services including pump-outs, diesel or gas.  There is no intimation concerning its electricity supply to berth holders and no emergency service offered should it fail.

The closure of the marinas means there is now no supply of any services to continuous cruisers that rely on the ABC marinas for pump-outs, diesel and gas.


The 14 marinas are now 'dead', operating no boat hire services, boat buildings or maintenance whatsoever.  There is no information concerning the boats situated in the marinas offering brokerage.

Boat owners will however have access to their boats but ABC state this is at their own risk.  It does however have a text service for boaters in difficulties. 

The marinas with no services:

Alvechurch   Anderton   Aldermaston   Blackwater   Gayton   Goytre   Hilperton   Whitchurch   Wrenbury   Worcester  Fazeley Mill   King's Orchard   Grove Lock   New Mills.