Thieves attempted to steal solar panels from sunken boat

Published: Friday, 13 March 2020

TWO men were seen on the roof on the sunken boat on the Soar at County Road Bridge attempting to remove its solar panels.

SunkBarrow400Yesterday afternoon (Thursday) in broad daylight, the men in water leggings, were seen around the panel nearest the stern and seemed to be attempting to prise it off the roof, but people by the river thought it strange and so shouted at them, at which they quickly left seen running towards the gravel car park beyond the restaurant.

By the time the people who shouted had gone around the wall to get onto the road there was no sign of the men.

Four expensive solar panels

The boat has four expensive solar panels on its roof, obviously capable of giving out a decent amount of power so were at attraction for thieves, who obviously thought that attempting the theft in daylight would not arouse suspicion, but alas for them it did. 

Surely, the sooner the boat is removed the better.