'Boat' owners lose their boat as not warned of river rise

Published: Thursday, 12 March 2020

More victims of the flooding Soar, as couple lose their 'boat' at Pillings Lock Marina.

James and and Lorraine Warren have lived on the houseboat at the marina a number of years and told the BBC that they have been left homeless when it tipped over caused by the rising flood on the Soar when the river rose sharply.

PillingsBBCForced to flee

With the flood gates open the level rose and with the houseboat being securely tied, it started to tip over, with  Lorraine and her dog forced to flee.

It was the rising level of water into the marina that caused it to capsize, though the people in charge of the marina that is situated on the canal below the flood lock, told they 'had no prior warning' the water levels would rise. (Picture by courtesy of the BBC.)

Flood gates opened

But Canal & River Trust told the BBC that the paddles had been opened a week and flood boards updated before the houseboat started to capsize. 

In which case the owners should have been well aware of a possible rise in the water level as the marina has been in operation for some 20 years.