Will CaRT now sort its own 'inappropriate' mooring?

Published: Friday, 14 February 2020

BOATERS are asking that now Canal & River Trust is introducing 'inappropriate' mooring will it now moor its own 'appropriately'?

Dave Carden writes that as CaRT are going to clamp down on improper mooring could it mean that that they might stop mooring their workboats on lock landings and clogging up visitor moorings ?

And indeed moor them up with more than a piece of rope in the middle so when we go past on tickover the workboat does not come out in the mid cut to greet us?

Fewer drifting

T. Lang wonders if the new rules on 'inappropriate' mooring mean that we will be seeing fewer work boats drifting down the middle of the cut, not of course being properly tied?

Sunk workboatPerhaps CaRT could issue something a bit more robust that the usual baler twine all too often used.

Sunken workboats

Helen Cripps would like to know if CaRT will now make the effort to clear out all those sunken work boats that litter the waterways, as they too are 'inappropriate'.

Jim Bolton writes that though the cost of boating has driven me off the waterways, reading about 'inappropriate' mooring I well remembers all those new fancy over-technical work boats that were either breaking down or too difficult to work without extensive instructions and now litter the canals.

These are taking up good mooring places, usually left where more convenient to the operator(s), but hiring a narrowboat last season I still saw them rotting away taking up space.  Will they now by moved?