IWA calling for charging points for electric powered boats

Published: Monday, 03 February 2020

THE Inland Waterways Association believes that electric powered boats is the future and is calling for the installation of charging points.

The association is confident that electric power is the future for propelling boats on the waterways and, though it accepts that emission from diesel engines is low, more can be done to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, Alan Tilbury reports.


This is in the response to the government’s ‘Air Pollutant Emissions from Domestic Vessels and Inland Waterways—A Call to Evidence’, referring to the London Environment Strategy brought about by the many complaints about the ever increasing number of moored boats in the city.

The IWA realises that, with such as continuous cruisers that have no base to return to for recharging, it needs a 'widespread installation' of electric charging points to reduce the reliance on running generators whilst moored, to charge batteries.