Taken a good decision

Published: Thursday, 16 January 2020

I WAS most pleased to read the article by Mike Daine, as it says what many believe, writes T. Lang.

This is that your site is influential, as, like Mike, I have talked to others who have been so influenced and taken a good decision based on your and your contributors' articles and perhaps even mine!

Long standing contributors

In fact is was last year that talking to a fellow boater we found we had both been long standing contributors to narrowboatworld, right from when it first started but could not decided who had been the first!  The other contributor was James Henry who told me he had been sending articles ever since it first started 20 years ago, as I believe so had I.*

Though I have met boaters who do not care for your site and complain it is 'anti-CaRT', I believe this is because unlike all the others of the  'better by water' brigade who religiously publish all it pumps-out, whether factual or not, you give the other side of the story that shows that all those things are at the expense of the ever declining waterways with money taken away from the much needed maintenance.

Spending millions of pounds

Money such as spending millions of pounds on rebranding—twice, ITV prime time advertising, erecting silly notices for ducks and dogs and other signs welcoming everyone to everywhere.  All featured in the so biased other sites, with hardly a word of recrimination.  So who will be influenced by them?  Not many, that is for sure.

*[James Henry was the first ever contributor to narrowboatworld followed by T. Lang a few months later in the year 2000.]