Stoppage map problem

Published: Thursday, 09 January 2020

I WAS pleased to notice that the riddle of that stoppage map, that I brought to your attention, had been solved, writes T. Lang.

Logging on to the service, I do not see it as anything spectacular, as all it really is is a duplication of the CaRT stoppage notices in map form.

Harder to place

A stoppage shown on such a small scale map is also much harder to place than the CaRT method of stating the actual place—naming the bridge, lock or whatever, and it gives a very detailed large scale map of the actual stoppage anyway.

Delving further I soon realised it cannot solve the main stoppage problem.  For as it simply relates the same stoppage notices as CaRT publishes, it cannot possibly tell of those stoppages that CaRT fails itself to issue, so I don't see any advantage.