Not asked

Published: Monday, 23 December 2019

WE HAVE received a number of emails concerning that survey that Canal & River Trust states it has distributed:

Never been asked

As a very 'outspoken itinerant boater' throughout CaRT’s tenure of our waterways I've never been asked to complete any survey, writes Brian D Jarrett.

Could this be because my responses might not suit the statistic they wish to show!

What survey?

What survey was that? Asks Helen Cripps.  I would very much like to complete a survey concerning CaRT, as for one thing there is a mound of silt by the moorings that gets higher every season and already one deep draughted boat cannot get out, but is anything done?  What do you think?

And then there are the service points that 'are being attended to' but remain closed.  Oh yes, I would very much like to complete a survey.

No sight of survey

I have asked every boater who is available at our moorings over the week-end and not one of them had had sight of any survey to be completed, writes Les Collins. They would very much like to complete a survey as there is a lot to be said, but alas not what the Trust would like.

Does it exist?

I had better add my 'two-penneth' to this survey phenomenon that no one seems to have seen, writes James Henry.  So all I ask is does it actually exist?  Perhaps Canal & River Trust would send a copy to narrowboatworld so we can all see it.

But then, when you think about it, that would not prove much would it?

Showing how good they are

Come off it CaRT, we all know the published results of any survey, either real or imagined, are only to prove how good you are at looking after the waterways, writes Paul Gittins.

But counting up the published stoppages, and we all know they are not all published, shows just how good you are—not very.

Instead of the money wasted on propaganda, and there is a lot of it at the moment, the money would be better spent on your (our) waterways.

[Though we have received the above emails, we have received no emails from any boater stating they have received and completed the survey, though only one day has elapsed since Victor told of it—Editor.]