Towpath sweeper dies after machine plunged into Thames

Published: Friday, 20 December 2019

A WORKMAN was driving a sweeper lorry on the towpath of the Thames when it plunged into the river and he later died.

He was using the machine to sweep up the leaves from the towpath in Windsor when the machine went into the river, and though he was rescued by passers by, wrapped up in clothing whilst waiting for the paramedics and then rushed to hospital, he died soon after arrival, Alan Tilbury reports.

Reason not known

It is not known if it was a mechanical fault or if the driver lost control through possible illness that caused the machine to go into the river, but the police are asking for the people on the scene to contact them in an attempt to ascertain the situation.

The machine travels at 5mph clearing the leaves from the towpath with the man, stated to be in his 50's, alone in the cab when the incident happened on Wednesday morning.