Pie in the sky?

Published: Monday, 09 December 2019

IT WAS some eight years ago that with much ado the grand Waterside scheme was announced for Chesterfield.

At a cost of some £350 millions this was to cover a vast area between the disused Chesterfield Canal and the A61 dual carriageway and stretching over a mile from Chesterfield to Tapton Lock.

chesterfield watersideGone quiet

Since then all had gone quiet, but we are now told 'it is continuing at a pace', but alas, only as enquiries.  The 'artist's impression' published at the start has now been scrapped.

However a small part of the scheme is underway with houses being  constructed on the former Arnold Laver timber yard, work having started earlier this year.


Opponents to the vast scheme told the amount of building that was planned would stretch the town's resources to breaking point with particular emphasis on sewage disposal that would not be able to cope owing to the building projects already undertaken in and around the town.

As part of the scheme the Sheffield City Regional Enterprise Partnership was supporting a 'canal link' but no particluars were given.