Banning single-use plastics at river festival

Published: Wednesday, 04 December 2019

THERE will be a big problem for the owners of the bars at next year's Bedford River Festival.

For Bedford Borough Council have told that single-use plastics are being banned from bars at next year’s festival as part of the council’s drive to become more environmentally friendly, Alan Tilbury reports.

Plastic 'glasses' banned

This means that the usual plastic 'glasses' will be banned, the bars having to use either returnable glasses on a deposit scheme or biodegradable options.

At a meeting of a  committee it was stated that a drive will be launched to persuade visitors not to bring disposable plastics to the festival and that for the first time single-use plastics will not be available in all the bars.  Instead there willl be a deposit scheme using non-disposable containers at the festival that will be staged next July.

The council has a group that meets every six to eight weeks in an effort to reduce the use of single-use plastics.  So far, the council has made progress on its target to become a ‘single-use’ plastic-free council.