Police search Loughborough Lock for missing woman

Published: Wednesday, 13 November 2019

POLICE believe that a woman missing since April may have drowned and are searching Loughborough Lock.

SearchLoughboroughLockLinda Chambers was not reported missing until the 10th of September by a concerned friend, though she had not been seen for seven months, Alan Tilbury reports.

Specialised equipment

Police first searched the 43 years old woman's  home but found no evidence pointing to her disappearance, and are now searching the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal in Loughborough with particular attention around Loughborough Lock, where specialised equipment is being used to detect bodies in the water.

After the 43 years old was reported missing, officers searched her home but found nothing pointing to her disappearance.

Police have spoken to people who have provided them with information. She was last seen on CCTV on Saturday 13th April shopping in Loughborough.