Hirers suffer from the many closures

Published: Thursday, 07 November 2019

THE obvious 'wait until it breaks then repair it' policy operated by CaRT is affecting hirers and consequently  hire companies.

One such company, who obviously wishes to remain anonymous told us:

Change their plans

'We have had hirers having to change their plans, recently one party got as far as Preston Brook doing the Cheshire Ring clockwise, and had to turn back because of the Bollington stoppage. Last year was worse, with the Anderton Lift and the Four Counties Ring unavailable due to the Middlewich breach.

The major gripe has been the opening hours at Hurleston which meant that our guests often just missed getting up Hurleston on their first day, so had to delay until the next morning their trip to Llangollen. This of course left them under pressure, and on the way back to ensure they got down the locks well before 5pm on the evening prior to their return.'

Disastrous effect

Individual hirers have told in narrowboatworld of similar experiences that these seemingly never ending stoppages cause to their holidays, with the 'wait until it breaks' policy having a disastrous effect on peoples' holiday plans.

Something that was unheard of in the days of British Waterways when the winter maintenance stoppage fulfilled its purpose in making sure all was in good order for the forthcoming season.