Putting the record straight

Published: Monday, 04 November 2019

WHEN I read the statement about boaters only providing 10% of CaRT's income I thought that was wrong, writes James Henry.

I was sure I had read it was much more than was stated by Jon Horsfall, who we are told is Head of Customer Service Support, so I was most pleased that Allan Richards put the record straight that it was in fact more than double at 22%.

A bit crafty

It was a bit crafty I thought Jon stating the income from licences and forgetting to mention that there was the income that CaRT charges for mooring, and I bet the further income that marinas have to pay for connection to the system, that of course is from boating, was forgotten as well.

I would think that with this included the percentage would be a lot more, which does not say much for the support of the boater from the acclaimed Head of Customer Service Support.