Who is CaRT trying to kid?

Published: Thursday, 10 October 2019

LOOKING at the Toddbrook/CaRT report dates I have noticed that they seem very close together, writes John Coxon.

The average stated time between inspections, as stated by these reports works out at 3.84 days. So if these inspections had taken place and had been done properly and effectively why did it surprise CaRT when the spillway failed?

Inspected 72 hours before collapse

Why did the inspections on 27th and 29th July not show up just how bad a state the spillway was in?  After all it failed in less than 72 hours later.  Surely any inspector worth his salt should have seen the poor state of the spillway at one point during the previous 23 inspections?  It is well known that tick-box inspection = poor maintenance = failure, but it is cheaper and requires less time to do.

I can't understand why the three inspections in August have been redacted, after all it was all over the international news what had happened on the 1st?   No point in trying hide it now is there?  Horses and bolted doors come to mind here.

Generated after the event

Do people not think it would be safe to assume that these reports have been generated after the event and the reason that all the blacked out sections have been redacted is because they are possibly empty?  The give-a-way is the same pens have been used for all of the signature dates!

Do CaRT really believe that people will fall for that old trick?

One inspection per week it reported, what!  Come off it!  Seems to me someone in CaRT can't count.  Just to remind them there are seven days in a week, not three or four!  (Even though that's probably a normal working week for some of them.)

14 not signed-off

Why do the engineers signatures on 11 of them show the same date?  And why are 14 of them not signed-off by the engineer at all?

All this is very suspicious if you ask me.  We really do need a public enquiry into all this and have these reports brought out into the public domain where they belong so that the public can see just what CaRT is like and how devious and underhand it tries to be.

Here is a breakdown of the report dates and the number of days between them.  I am reminded of the phrase 'The lady doth protest too much', in other words putting too much effort into protesting ones innocence leads one to believe that these dates are too frequent to be believable (especially from CaRT):

 Date             Days between inspections

22  4  19

7-5-19         15
10-5-19         3
13-5-19         3
17-5-19         4
20-5-19         3
24-5-19         4
27-5-19         3
31-5-19         4

3-6-19           3
7-6-19           4
10-6-19         3
14-6-19         4
23-6-19         9
24-6-19         1

1-7-19           7
5-7-19           4
8-7-19           4
12-7-19         4
15-7-19         3
19-7-19         4
27-7-19         8
29-7-19         2

2-8-19           4
3-8-19           1
4-8-19           1