Weight restriction on crumbling reservoir still not enforced

Published: Thursday, 03 October 2019

THE weight limit on the road on the crumbling Earlswood Reservoir dam is still not being enforced.

The people living 'under' the reservoir dam are concerned that it is further disintegrating as heavy lorries well above the allowed maximum of 2.5 tons are now regularly using the road on the top of the dam.

EarlswoodLakeDam400Have to be evacuated

The homes of these people would be in the direct path of any flood from the reservoir, feeling that as in the case of the Toddbrook Reservoir at Whaley Bridge, they would have to be evacuated and face the risk of their homes being destroyed.

Early this year bore holes were sunk to monitor movement in the dam, with residents believing it was because it was suffering from movement from erosion and wear and tear of the heavy traffic.

This was borne out by the road being closed to all traffic after a landslip on the dam, but it was then reopened.

No concerns

Of the concern from residents, Canal & River Trust Regional Director Adnan Saif explained:

“I’d like to assure residents that there are regular inspections and maintenance at Earlswood Reservoir.  In England, maintenance of reservoirs is highly regulated with all identified works having to be undertaken by law.

“I can assure residents that there aren’t any concerns about the weight of vehicles using the road.”

A resident who did not want the name published told the Stratford Observer:

“I have passed photographs on to the residents’ association and the police showing overweight vehicles using the road,  and I really feel the road should be shut.”