Victor: You should not have said that mate

Published: Sunday, 06 October 2019

THAT hire boater from New Zealand who thought men are idle steering whilst women worked the locks has been well censored!

Writing in narrowboatworld he bemoaned the fact that so many men sat at the tiller whilst the poor woman had to do the hard work on the locks.

He has certainly come in for some flack—though of course there are those that agree. But you will have to wait until tomorrow, as I am not telling!

Mac 'leaks' again

I had lost count of how many time the Macclesfield had been closed through leaks, and still another one our Keith Gudgin tells.

So I had a search, and discovered that it goes back to June 2016 when there was a leak at Bollington that closed the canal, was repaired then closed again for further repair.

Then came July 2017 another leak at Bollington that kept the waterway again closed.

A year later in May 2018 a leak at Macclesfield between bridges 38 and 39 that of course closed the canal.  But again it was only partially successful so had to be closed yet again to complete the repair.

In October 2018 a leak between bridges 52 and 53 and another stoppage.

Now to this year, August 2019, with this time a stoppage, because there was too much rain!

And would you believe—of course you wouldthe Macclesfield is now closed, and yes, you've guessed, another leak!  This time between bridges 26 and 27, again at Bollington, with stop planks being installed tomorrow, Monday.

I should imagine all must now realise there is a problem, so why not do what British Waterways didinstall Arco piling that stops both movement and leaks...  It certainly needs it.

Too expensive

A continuous cruiser who takes to a marina during the winter and pays for its mooring, tells me he has forsaken King's Orchard Marina on the Coventry for Barton Turns on the Trent & Mersey.

And for a very good reason, he adds, and here I had better quote:

'ABC Leisure putting the prices up at King's Orchard and maintenance very poor, so decided to leave'.

With so many marinas and even more new ones, all with empty berths, that surely is not a good policy, and is having obvious repercussions...


I have had sight of that heavily censored document from CART concerning the Whaley Bridge Freedom of Information request and must admit I have never seen such stupidity, with 95% of it blacked-out.  Is that allowed? Is it legal?

Here it ismake up your own minds.

Victor Swift