Take care under disintegrating pipe attached to bridge

Published: Tuesday, 03 September 2019

WITH bits of metal falling from an old rusting pipe, boaters are being warned to take care when passing under a bridge.

The cast iron pipe spanning Clopton Bridge over the Avon in Stratford is disintegrating with bits falling from it and is proving a hazard to boaters on the river and walkers on the towpath, as it passes over both, attached to the bridge. The Avon Navigation Trust is concerned about its safety, Roger Fox reports.

ComptonBridgeCarries various cables

It is an old gas main that is now used to carry various cables but parts have dropped off over the past few months leaving holes in the pipe.The old gas main houses a number of cables and fibre optics.

The matter has been reported to BT Open Reach that own the cables running through the old pipe, but in the meantime boaters are being advised to  navigate with care and look out for any loose piping.