Dismal maintenance in the full public eye

Published: Wednesday, 07 August 2019

THE growing evidence against CaRT’s dismal maintenance of the dam is now in the full public eye, writes Kevin McNiff.

I wonder if the other mainstream' waterway media publications and the IWA will now step up and demand answers from those who clearly thought that weeds and trees growing through the concrete of the dam did not represent a clear problem needing attention back in 2016

Level not dropped

And I ask again, why was the level of the reservoir not dropped to prevent overtopping?

Unfortunately, news headlines are fleeting and once the emergency has passed the public will be moved on by the next 'breaking news'. Now is the time to call for boaters to lobby their MP’s and put CaRT on the mat for this debacle. If they don’t, 'Well-B' will keep on rolling out the same bullshit about life being better on water.